5 Ways a Pizza POS System can Improve Your Pizzeria Sales

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21 March 2017

A pizza POS system is a great asset for a busy pizzeria. This technology cuts down on the wait time, speeds up ordering and allows operations to run more smoothly. Still doubting a POS system is better than a pen and paper? Consider the ways a pizza POS system can enhance your restaurant:

5 Ways a Pizza POS System can Improve Your Pizzeria Sales
1. Faster Ordering

It’s frustrating for customers to get a busy signal or to wait on hold when they are calling to place an order. A phone order taken using a pizza POS system takes less than 30 seconds compared to writing the order with paper and pen, which could take anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes. A pizza POS system with features like auto address complete, callerID, and last order recall makes inputting the orders even faster and easier. Employees can also quickly calculate totals and run credit cards without leaving the workstation. A business that does a lot of catering can use the POS system to keep the orders organized, store preferences, and schedule delivery times.

2. Upsells and Accuracy

A good pizza POS system can help you maximize every order. Restaurant owners can configure the POS menu to prompt employees to upsell items like sides, extra toppings and desserts. The system also accurately tracks every item ordered, toppings and ensures that the bill is accurate. The POS system can also help evaluate coupon deals and help you structure them to increase ticket averages. For example, a family pizza with breadsticks, salad and a 2-liter of soda — even discounted — means higher profit margins.

3. Online Ordering

On average, orders placed online are 25 percent higher than orders placed over the phone. This is because customers can peruse the menu at their own pace, and find new things to try. They can place their order without anyone waiting on them, which takes off the pressure of deciding quickly. With the right pizza POS system, you can configure online ordering to include suggestive selling, which makes recommendations for additional items the customer may like. We’ve found suggestive selling can increase average ticket size by $1.18.

4. Institute a Loyalty Program

The most successful businesses make most of their profit from repeat customers. Pizzerias average about 20 percent repeat business, but implementing a loyalty plan raises that number to between 35percent and 45 percent. Customers who opt into your loyalty program can receive automated emails, text messages and coupons via the pizza POS system. Once you’ve built some solid repeat business, the pizza POS system can offer targeted promotions to customers based on their purchase history.

5. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Everyone loves fresh, hot pizza, so make it easy for them to order from your restaurant again. A pizza POS system will ensure that your customers receive their orders correctly and on time. And when they receive the food they crave as promised, they’re more likely to tell their friends.

A pizza POS system can help raise sales at your pizzeria by streamlining the entire operation. It’s time to move past the pen-and- paper method to features like online ordering and loyalty programs, as well as a more efficient ordering processes that can increase customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

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