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thrive pos restaurant types


Although we designed our system with pizza shops in mind, the outstanding performance of Thrive POS makes it a versatile and trustworthy point of sale for a wide range of restaurants.



Pizza Shops

Craft the Perfect Pizza Experience with Thrive POS

Thrive POS is designed to meet the unique needs of pizza establishments. Our system excels in handling the intricacies of pizza orders – from half-and-half toppings to custom crusts and sizes. With an intuitive interface, order customizations are a breeze, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Innovative features like fractional ordering and complex couponing systems let you cater to every customer's preference while maximizing profitability. Thrive POS also integrates seamlessly with online ordering and third-party delivery services, ensuring your delicious pizzas reach a wider audience without any hassle.

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Sub / Sandwich Shops

Custom Creations Made Easy

Thrive POS brings simplicity and efficiency to Sub and Sandwich Shop POS, where customization is key. Our system effortlessly manages complex orders, from a variety of bread options to an array of toppings and sauces. Thrive POS ensures every unique customer preference is captured accurately, enhancing the ordering process both in-store and online. Plus, with our intuitive interface, training staff is a breeze, ensuring every sandwich is crafted to perfection. Add our kiosk terminals and turn your customers into their own sandwich masters. Keep your regulars coming back with effective loyalty rewards programs.

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Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Accelerate Your Service

In the world of Quick Service Restaurants, speed is paramount. Thrive POS is purpose-built to ensure your service remains swift and efficient. By offering customer loyalty programs, you can keep your patrons coming back for more. With our quick-tap menu selections, easy order customization, and lightning-fast payment processing, we empower you to serve a larger volume of customers in less time. Additionally, our real-time analytics and reporting tools provide valuable insights to optimize your menu and service, ensuring a positive customer experience every single time.

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Point of Sale.  Online Ordering. Delivery. Scheduling & More . . .


Let's get started with a conversation with a Thrive POS Pro to discuss the benefits for your business

Your Success, Our Commitment

At Thrive POS, we deliver more than just software – we provide a partnership that extends beyond setup, offering personalized service and expert support tailored to your pizzeria's unique needs.

K Jaroun-Palio's Pizza
five stars"Serena, Charlie and Kristina are great help, they know their stuff, take the time to explain things thoroughly and excellent in responding to our calls"
John Kerentzis🍕City View Pizza
five stars"I would like to say what a pleasure it has been to work with Beca. She has the most patience I’ve ever seen out of a human being. Throughout the process she has been fantastic at explaining everything and is willing to go above and beyond."
Jacob P🍕Plymouth House of Pizza
five stars"Thank you Serena and Eddie for the excellent service you have provided to me and my business :pray:"
Sue B.🍔Elevation Burger
five stars"Very pleased with this service. We were having some IT issues in our store and Brian Loudon came through for us again. He helped us get back up and running again. He also took the time to explain what was going on. He was very patient with us beings we do not have the experience he does."
Dimitris Z.🍕Zachary's Restaurant and Pizza
five stars"My brother and I are the owners of a small restaurant in ST. PAULS, NC. Eddie has been outstanding in helping us with our POS system and tailoring it to our Menu and specific needs. He truly cares about helping you, not just trying to be pushy in selling you something you don't need. He thoroughly explains all the services and support available with Thrive POS, and he personally is available for support and any questions you might have. We look forward to working with him, and recommend him highly  7  Stars from us !"