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Location Management

Configuration Made Easy

Adding a menu item, updating a price, creating a coupon. Thrive makes it easy to manage your store configuration from anywhere. Make the changes once, and both your online and POS menus will update simultaneously - so you never have out-of-sync hassles.

If you’re managing an enterprise, Thrive’s tools let you send specific changes out to stores, manage different pricing schemes and item availability, even give your local stores the flexibility to manage local items.

Thrive Analytics

When you’ve got restaurants scattered around the city, or around the globe, you need the power of data to help you grow. Manage and compare multiple locations with our web-based Thrive Analytics tools and powerful data APIs  let you dive deep into your business results.
From product mix to discount analyses, delivery performance to online ordering results, our powerful analytics tools give you the data you need to improve business results across the enterprise.

Hear it Straight From Our Customers

Thrive customers from across the country, including award-winning Caliente Pizza & Drafthouse in Pittsburgh, PA share how Thrive POS has helped increase sales and decrease costs.

We care about your growth

When you have the right insights, you can make the right business decisions that help you grow. Thrive's advanced tools help pinpoint what’s going right or wrong in your operation, so you can take action.

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Key Metrics

Automatically email manager alerts. Dozens of reports with data accessible from any time frame let you easily analyze your business.


Dive deep with trend reporting to get a big picture look at your business.


Key insights to help you predict item sales and forecast data.

Robust Data API

Access your data, your way with our robust API that lets you integrate to top business intelligence tools.

Access Anywhere

Our “local cloud” technology gives you easy and secure access to your data from anywhere, without tying up a store terminal or alerting restaurant staff.

Enterprise Data

Manage & compare multi-store locations with our web-based Thrive Analytics tools and our Central Menu Management system.

Labor Management

Your restaurant’s success can hinge on your ability to manage controllable costs, and labor is a big one! Luckily, Thrive is on your side with restaurant management software that helps you keep labor costs down.

  • Use sales forecasting tools to project your sales, and set a labor budget accordingly in your schedules.
  • Enforce schedules at clock-in. Those 10-minute early clock-ins can add up over time.
  • Use fingerprint readers to prevent “buddy punching” and ensure security.
  • Check real-time labor/sales analysis regularly, so if business is slowing down, you can send extra team members home.
  • Get real-time alerts if employees are about to go into overtime pay, so you can avoid unexpected payroll costs.
  • Track delivery driver “road time” vs. in house time. Thrive can automatically pay a tip-credit wage when drivers are on the road.
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Featuring a variety of operating systems and hardware sizes and styles to meet your unique needs.

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