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Designed specifically for pizza and delivery.

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See How Easy Order Entry Can Be

Simplify the order process with Thrive. Conversational ordering means your employees can ring up orders the way your customers say them. Vivid graphics and an easy touch screen improve order accuracy and makes training a snap.


Customized Orders

Your customers are picky. Get their order right with easy order customization. Our order process makes sure nothing is forgotten, while easy modifier & fractional orders mean complex orders are right the first time.


Half, Quarter, or even thirds? We make ordering pizza fractions a snap!

Large Orders Made Easy

Handle group orders, large parties, and split orders with helpful tools.


Powerful Smart Coupon features enforce your business rules while making sure your customers get the best deal.

Payment Processing

With the latest in EMV contact-less payments, we keep you safe & secure.

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Don't be Tethered to the Counter Top

Supplement your traditional POS stations and get the ability to order from anywhere in your restaurant with a light-weight Android tablet, or go for a sleek modern look with 100% iPads. Either way, our “local cloud” technology will keep your system running even if the internet isn’t. And easy web-based tools give you access to your system from anywhere, anytime.


Elevate Customer Experience

Thrive’s Customer Display improves the look of your brand while showing customers what they are ordering (improved order accuracy, anyone?). On-screen signature and email receipt options put customers in control.





Kitchen Powerhouse

Getting it right for production is where Thrive really shines. Use our intelligent kitchen routing system to manage your make-line efficiently. Whether using traditional kitchen printers or make-line monitors, Thrive tablet POS helps you streamline the communication between front and back of house.


Up to the Challenge

Thrive is a proven point-of-sale system that uses the same under-the-hood tech as the world’s busiest websites. When the Friday night rush hits, we can handle it.

Dozens of servers rushing around, busy ringing phones, and online orders pouring in - you need the tough technology that will stand up to the volume!

Built-In Features

Never pay extra for these key features.

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Customer Data

Improve Service with Great Customer Information


Managing Restaurant Employees Without the Stress


Keep Control Over Your Entire Delivery Operation

Order Entry

Simple Conversational Ordering

Controlling Labor Costs

Your restaurant’s success can hinge on your ability to manage controllable costs, and labor is a big one! Luckily, Thrive is on your side with restaurant management software that helps you keep labor costs down.

  • Use sales forecasting tools to project your sales, and set a labor budget accordingly in your schedules.
  • Enforce schedules at clock-in. Those 10-minute early clock-ins can add up over time.
  • Use fingerprint readers to prevent “buddy punching” and ensure security.
  • Check real-time labor/sales analysis regularly, so if business is slow, you can send employees home.
  • Get real-time alerts if employees are about to go into overtime pay, and avoid unexpected payroll costs.
  • Track delivery driver “road time” vs. in house time. Thrive can automatically pay a tip-credit wage when drivers are on the road.
  • Use "Tips on Payroll" setting to pay daily tips for drivers and servers on payroll rather than cash at end of shift.

"Cutting Edge"


"Feature Rich"

Learn why these are just a few of the ways Tarek from Pepperoni's describes how Thrive POS enhances operations for their 14-location chain.

All Your Data - Conveniently Located

When you’ve got restaurants scattered around the city, or around the globe, you need the power of data to help you grow. 

  • Detailed reports and store comparisons give you the power to run your business effectively.
  • Powerful web-based analytics give you insight at a glance, compare store performance, and let you drill down into the details of product mix, delivery performance, online ticket averages, coupon usage, employee performance, and much more.
  • Graphical visualizations help to tell the story of your enterprise - whether looking at individual locations, regions, and company-wide.
  • Control access by location so managers, franchise owners, regional managers and corporate staff can see the data they need.
  • Real-time transaction level APIs give you access to your data for further analysis & integrations.


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Coupons Get Smart

Your customers want the best deal - but sometimes coupons can get a little out of control. Thrive’s Smart Coupon feature ensures that the right coupon is applied only when valid. Complex value deal rules and requirements keep your discounts on track - with extensive reporting so you can always see what deals are bringing in the crowds.  Download our Smart Coupon Guide to help grow your business.

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