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Pizza POS

The Gooiest Pizzeria Tech Around

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Pizzeria POS Created From Experience

Just like how you know the best cheese-to-topping ratio, we've learned exactly what pizzerias want when it comes to technology through years of industry experience. Thr!ve provides pizzerias the ability to leverage advanced technology at an affordable price.

Thr!ve Makes Pizza Easy

With integrated functions like vivid graphics, smart inventory technology and coplex pricing capabilities, Thr!ve is built to make the complex parts of daily pizza sales simple. Delivery tools like automatic confirmation and order updates, driver mileage tracking, and customized promise times come standard, because we know that delivery is a pizzeria standard.

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Fully Featured Pizza POS

Thrive is pizza's favorite POS because our fully integrated suite of technology's features aren't an afterthought. 

Ready to Grow With Your Pizzeria

While the POS system is powerful on its own, the Thr!ve Suite provides you with even more tools to help grow and easily manage your pizzeria. 

  • Thr!ve Online gives your restaurant a customized online ordering experience, seamlessly filtering incoming orders into your POS system so you aren't worrying about two separate order flows. 
  • Dr!ve is the app that helps pizzerias manage their delivery staff. From making sure drivers don't forget the napkins to allowing customers to digitally sign upon delivery, Dr!ve is an app that's made for pizza delivery.
  • Thr!ve Loyalty helps your restaurant build a loyalty program that customers will want to join. Gone are the days of punch cards and "buy 10, get 1 free" offers. Loyalty helps develop customized and tier-based rewards for your loyalty members.
  • Thr!ve Enterprise makes analyzing your business' data and creating in-depth reports even easier. With all of your data coming to one place, Thr!ve Enterprise is completely customizable, so you can make the reports show exactly what you need to know for your busines. 
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“If you deliver pizza, a POS is a must. Entering customer address info each time would be awful for us considering we do 45 deliveries per day. That, coupled with the reporting and marketing features, make a system like Thr!ve a must have for any pizza shop looking to grow.”

- Sean Ebadi, owner of Pizza Mizza

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Thr!ve’s suite of technology has a proven ROI to help you grow and manage your business more profitably.  Our flexible subscription packages cover every budget and put you in control of the options that make sense for you. Just need the software? No problem. Looking for all the hardware, bells and whistles? We’ve got you covered, too. With options from Do-It-Yourself to White Glove service, our team builds a customized package that fits your needs.


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