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Custom-build your system based on your needs.

Choose only the Business-Building Features you need, and pay for nothing you don't.



  • You'll never pay for delivery - it's included with every system.
  • Online ordering is always unlimited - we will never charge for your success.
  • Thrive's Coupons & Suggestive Selling are proven to help increase ticket averages and customer loyalty.
Thrive Online

Online Ordering

Online ordering service with unlimited orders on your very own branded, fully mobile responsive website. Your menu, prices, and coupons are always up to date, right from your POS system! Read More >

Mobile App

Mobile App

Give your customers the convenience of ordering easily on-the-go with your very own branded mobile app for Android and iOS*. Read More >

Salesbuilder Loyalty by Thrive

Loyalty Marketing

Multi-store integrated customer loyalty program rewards customers based on purchaes and other triggers. Popular business-building features include broadcast text messaging and email. Read more >

Unlimited Terminals

Unlimited Terminals

Have more than 2 terminals? Save money by using one of your package picks for unlimited terminal licenses.

Drive with Thrive

Driver App

Drive with Thrive is an app built just for delivery drivers, allowing them to view details about assigned orders, check in at arrival, capture customer signatures and tips, and more, all from their smartphone. Read More >

Managed Menu Services

Managed Menu Services

Need help managing item, price, and coupon changes across your stores? Want to eliminate the hassle of having to manage these changes on your own? Add Menu Services to your POS subscription and let Thrive Pizzahead Technicians handle it for you!



From anchovies to zucchini, track your inventory to simplify food cost calculation and control.  Purchase and receive ingredients, connect them to menu items, and analyze to make profit-building purchasing and menu-item decisions.

Table Service

Table Service

Visual alerts help keep your team on top of service for all your guests. From seated to served to settled to cleared, you can see at a glance if any customers are waiting too long for attention. Our easy table layout graphics editor makes creating your restaurant on-screen a breeze. Read more >

Third-Party Integration

Third-Party Integration

Online Ordering and/or Loyalty integration with an approved third-party vendor.

Why are loyalty programs important?

We could tell you all the reasons loyalty programs are important, but we feel there is more value in letting you hear it directly from some of our most successful customers. We recently chatted with Elliot Schiffer, CEO of Mici Handcrafted Italian, and got some valuable insight on the importance of customer loyalty programs for growing his restaurant brand.

"We've found our rewards program to be so important, that we've shifted our focus to getting as many people signed up as we can, both in-store and online - and that is a huge sales driver for us. We know that our sales will increase if we increase the number of rewards customers that we have. We know that the long-term success of our restaurants is based on, in good part, the number of people that are part of our network. When you're a guest and you're signing up for rewards, you can do that either in the store with one of our associates, or over the phone if you're calling for a pickup order - or now you can do it online, right before you place your order. With Thrive Online Ordering, you can 'Click to Join' and it is a very easy process. We have hundreds of guests that join automatically through our online ordering every single week."

Click here to watch the full interview with more about how Mici Handcrafted Italian structures their loyalty program, and tips and tricks they've learned as they've built their successful restaurant empire.

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Loyalty Hacks by Thrive Pizza POS

Free Loyalty Tips

The cost of acquiring a new customer is much higher than turning your existing customers into regulars.

Restaurant loyalty programs are a vital revenue builder for any restaurant because they encourage customers to come back on a regular basis.


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