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Thrive Automated Loyalty

Powerful Customer Loyalty with Automated Email, Text & Mobile Notifications That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back

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Proven ROI for Loyalty

Loyalty programs have long been proven to be the most cost-effective and successful way to bring customers back to your restaurant more often. The strategic value of your customer data - and powerful ability to target customers with rewards and incentives based on their actual behavior - makes loyalty programs the secret weapon of many top restaurants. As they quickly grow in consumer popularity, fueled by the immense millennial hunger for rewards, restaurant loyalty programs are quickly becoming a must-have to compete.

We care about your growth

According to actual results from our customers:

Increase Enrollments

Loyalty programs fuel 3.38 times higher signups than an email program.

Increase Ticket Averages

Loyalty members spend $2.14 more per transaction - even after loyalty rewards.

Boost Business with Regular Customers

A new guest who signs up for loyalty is 2.25 times more likely to return a 2nd time and 4.66 times more likely to return 2 or more times compared to a non-loyalty guest.

Increase Customer Frequency

Loyalty customers visit, on average, 3.24x more per year than non-loyalty customers.

A Winning Campaign

Those “Buy 10, Get 1 Free” punch card type loyalty programs are so last century! But many so-called modern programs have put a high tech gloss on the same old concept. Thrive Loyalty is different - because it not only rewards your customers, it adds flexible marketing automation tools that are the key to reminding customers about your amazing restaurant. Here’s just a few ways you can automatically trigger communications - via email, text, or mobile notification - to your loyal customers:

Reach Out to Your Customers

Today's customers communicate in new ways. Sure e-mail is great, but mobile notifications are timely and powerful. Thrive Loyalty keeps you in touch with customers in all sorts of ways, which you can back up with “surprise and delight” rewards that show up in their online account or when they order at the restaurant.


Collect Valuable Feedback

How did we do? A simple question that can yield powerful results. Thrive Loyalty lets you automate the feedback process and reward your customers for participating.


Connect with the Community

Attract new customers with powerful referral and affiliate marketing incentives. Your customers will spend more knowing their purchases help a favorite team or charity.


Empower your Enterprise

Empower your local personnel with easy marketing templates and broadcast tools while retaining control over the process from start to finish and supporting their efforts with national/corporate messaging.

"We have found our rewards program to be so important that we have shifted our focus to getting as many people signed up as we can, both in-store and online - and that is a huge sales driver for us."  

Elliot Schiffer - Mici Handcrafted Italian


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