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Thrive Point-of-SaleWed, Sep 14, 2016 @ 01:09 PM2 min read

Tablet POS vs. Traditional

As a restaurant owner or manager, have you ever asked yourself these questions:

How do I know if a tablet POS is right for me?
Should I choose a tablet or traditional POS?
What features should I look for when considering a system?
Choosing the right system for your restaurant is critical - not only the best POS for your business in general, but the best type of POS for your needs. Here are a few pros and cons to both traditional POS and tablet based systems: 


Some of the PROs of tablet POS:

  • Space Saving -- if you have small counters / limited space
  • Modern Image -- customers & employees will appreciate it
  • Cost - a tablet can be less expensive than traditional touch screen / computer
  • Easier to Maintain -- less parts to break, designed to be tough, less software to manage / update
  • Mobile -- gives you the option to be mobile if you want to use for line busting or service at the table

Some of the CONs of tablet POS:

  • Speed -- tablet processing power is not comparable to a standard POS terminal, so if you are very busy it could slow you down
  • SIze -- bigger buttons are better -- tablets on a counter are much smaller than a traditional POS and some employees may find that hard to use
  • Functionality -- We think of tablet POS as a hardware solution but the software running on it is critical. Many tablet POS systems are limited in functionality, newly released and may not have the sophisticated features you are used to or are looking for. Make sure that you identify key functions you need. Split checks, server banking, delivery management, sophisticated printer routing, inventory management, complex ordering, fractional pizzas -- these are all advanced features - make sure the software will work for your business.
  • Cloud -- Many tablet POS systems are run in the cloud, which means you may not have access if your internet is down - and you may not own your data or customer base if you stop paying the subscription. Make sure that the system will fit your needs.

Thr!ve POS, with traditional and/or tablet options, includes all of these great features along with online & mobile ordering, customer loyalty, and enterprise reporting - all designed to work together smoothly so you can compete more effectively.

So what does all of the mean???

Be sure you think about the specific needs of your restaurant and make sure you consider software functionality before choosing a system.

While you’re at it, consider the best of both worlds -- Thr!ve can run on traditional POS stations or tablets - so you can have speedy, full sized stations to take phone orders and arm your servers with handy mobile tablets. Thr!ve can deliver what works best for your restaurant!


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