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Thrive Point-of-SaleTue, Aug 16, 2016 @ 03:28 PM1 min read

Be the Hero with Restaurant Online Ordering and Mobile Ordering

It’s that time of year again! Back-to-school time for the kiddos means lots of extra work for busy moms. The lazy days of summer are coming to an end all too quickly and moms will be looking for ways to make their busy schedules easier to manage. This includes answering the inevitable question - what’s for dinner? This is where YOU come in!

Restaurant Online OrderingThe “big 3” are already in the palm of her hand with restaurant online ordering and mobile ordering apps...but don’t let her settle for a mediocre product and service. You can be the hero for Supermom with the same convenience, better product, and the superior service your local store offers. Give her easy-to-use technology that offers options for online and mobile ordering for YOUR pizza restaurant, making her day a little less stressful. It’s all about convenience when her to-do list is a mile long. Turn her into a repeat customer by rewarding her for ordering with customer loyalty perks (because coupons are standard issue in Supermom’s utility belt). Thr!ve Online has everything you need to save the day as her trusty sidekick!

What exactly does Supermom need, and how can you provide it?

1 - Convenience - Back-to-school time brings enough stress on it’s own. Make it convenient for Supermom to order from your restaurant with Thr!ve Online!

2 - Ease of Use - Restaurant Online Ordering and Mobile Ordering make dinner a cinch. Just a few clicks of a mouse, or taps of a thumb on a smart device, and dinner is served!

3 - Quick and Easy Delivery Management - Log on. Place Order. Dinner delivered. How much easier does it get?

4 - Perks - Keep customers coming back throughout the busy school year with customer loyalty rewards and perks. Supermom knows a good deal when she see one!

Restaurant Mobile Ordering

Make your restaurant ready for back-to-school with the latest POS technology tools for your customers. You can “Beat the Big Guys” by leveraging restaurant online ordering and mobile ordering solutions, ensuring your local Supermoms have YOU in the palm of their hands. Simple, reliable, affordable. Let Thr!ve help you deliver exactly what super mom needs, when she needs it!

I Want To Be A Hero!