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Thrive Point-of-SaleTue, Sep 27, 2016 @ 08:07 AM2 min read

6 Tips for Choosing a Tablet POS

Looking to buy your first tablet-based restaurant point-of-sale?  Does your traditional POS system need a serious facelift to enter the current century? Here are some helpful tips on what to look for and consider when choosing an iPad or other tablet POS system for your restaurant:

1. Software Functionality

Don't get distracted by the modern hardware -- not all POS software is created equal. Many start-up apps offer the bare minimum in functionality and don't have a lot of experience in the restaurant industry. You may find basic features missing. If you are a pizza or delivery restaurant, you've got functionality needs that are even more critical. From delivery driver management to fractional pizzas, make sure that the software is designed for you - just like buying traditional POS

Thrive Tablet POS2. Extended Tools

Your point-of-sale system is the heart of your technology hub inside your restaurant but don’t forget about your customer experience outside your four walls. Your competitive advantage comes in the way your in-store technology integrates with online ordering & customer loyalty programs. Make sure that these important tools are fully integrated with your point-of-sale system so that you can provide a great customer service experience no matter where your customer places their order.

3. Cloud Connection

Is the iPad POS system you are considering depending on the internet to function? While web tools are great for remote access to reports or to make changes, busy restaurants grind to a halt when the POS doesn't work.  Look for a tablet system that lets you keep working even when you are offline, and be sure you understand what functions will and won’t be available if the internet quits on you.

4. Hardware Accessories

Tablets don't usually have a lot of ports to connect things to -- so make sure that you can use network-based cash drawers, printers, and other hardware devices.  You may find some accessories are harder to support - like scanners or biometric readers, so if these are important to your business double check if they are available.  Make sure you have a secure and convenient stand to keep your tablet POS system in place and can easily plug it in for charging.

Tablet POS
5. Wireless Network

Your tablet POS system will most likely be working wirelessly, so make sure you have strong wifi signal and a reliable, powerful router. You must be sure to secure your network so that your customers can not access your POS -- so work with an expert network engineer who is familiar with PCI Compliance and credit card security..

6. Security

Even though your system is running on a tablet, credit card security is critical. Be sure that all card numbers are encrypted and tokenized, and no card data is stored on your POS system.

Thr!ve Tablet POSA tablet-based POS system offers lots of modern advantages, a small footprint, a great look and an affordable price.  If you are considering one for your restaurant, take time to research the details so that you get the right functionality for your operation!

When going through this process, consider Thr!ve as your top POS choice to meet all of your system needs. Thr!ve POS is the only next-generation tablet based point-of-sale designed from the ground up for the special needs of pizza & delivery restaurants. We’ve taken nearly 30 years of expertise serving restaurants like yours and crafted a system that works the way your business works. Choose Thr!ve so you can work smarter, not harder.