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Thrive POS Online Ordering
Thrive Point-of-SaleTue, Jun 21, 2016 @ 11:11 AM2 min read

Restaurant Online Ordering: The ROI That Keeps on Giving

Restaurant Online OrderingOnline ordering is such a big part of our world these days, it is considered mainstream...everyone is doing it! As a business owner, especially in the restaurant industry, offering your customers the convenience and control of online ordering can boost your bottom line and increase profits. Your return on investment can be realized through increased customer frequency, higher ticket averages, increased order accuracy (which equates to decreased food and labor costs), and direct marketing to your customers.

But what's better for your bottom line...using a 3rd party partner to leverage your Online Ordering & Delivery business, or an in house technology solution?

While some might think that food delivery services like Grubhub and DoorDash are cutting into their profits (which they kind of are, as most of these services charge a per-transaction fee), partnering with them can still help increase your customer database. Potential customers using these services can be introduced to your restaurant and product, allowing you the opportunity to convert these customers over to your branded online ordering system. Once converted, the customer knows how to order directly from your website, cutting out the middle man. Get those customers sold on your branded product and keep them coming back for more -  online!

These partnerships may be a good stepping off point, then some good old fashioned marketing canThrive POS Online Ordering grow your online ordering business over time, eventually allowing you to operate on your own system (and without those extra fees chipping away at your bottom line). 

Another benefit to online ordering is the ability to market directly to your customers. Offering customers incentives specific to ordering online can potentially save you thousands of dollars that might otherwise be spent on traditional marketing efforts - not to mention the opportunities for upselling and loyalty marketing. So not only does online ordering make you money, it saves you money too!

There are lots of solutions out there that may or may not integrate with your point of sale, which has the potential for headaches any time you're dealing with a 3rd party. So, how do you avoid these headaches? Find one that is fully integrated with your POS. 

Thr!ve POS offers simple online ordering solutions that are convenient, simple to use, and profitable. Thr!ve Online offers convenient integration with your POS system that allows you to work smarter, not harder. Automatic updates for prices and coupons, orders automatically entered into your POS, and sharing customer data seamlessly are just a few of the advantages to Thr!ve Online.

Don’t lose business to the “big guys” because of online ordering options, or the lack thereof. Let Granbury Solutions and Thr!ve Online get you and your restaurant in the game!

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