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Thrive Point-of-SaleTue, May 10, 2016 @ 11:00 AM2 min read

Bottom Line...Keep Customers Happy


Watch Them Grow!

Pepperoni’s Pizza has been delivering pizza for over 25 years and recently opened its 11th restaurant location in the greater Houston area. While Pepperoni’s is known for their great pizza, they deliver on great taste with their wings, salads, pastas and subs too. General Manager Jorge Sanchez oversees all locations and knows the business inside and out. His customers depend on him for a great meal and quality service, and Jorge counts on Granbury Solutions for top-notch technology and dependable support.

Time For An Upgrade

Pepperoni’s has been using the Diamond Touch system to manage all of their stores since 2003. With the recent release of the Thr!ve upgrade, Jorge was excited to give it a test drive. “One of the best things about Thr!ve is the ease of staff training. We completed our first Thr!ve conversion in February and went live on March 1, 2016. I was able to train my store employees on Thr!ve in 30 minutes and managers in less than one day because the system is so easy to use.” Thr!ve also offers Jorge better system alerts, expanded reporting options, and more accurate labor costs.

Online Ordering Is Where It’s At

With a large percentage of their business coming from online ordering, Pepperoni’s depends on technology solutions that will help them run their business smoothly and keep their customers satisfied. Jorge says it would be hard for him to choose one Thr!ve feature to call his favorite, but, “Caller ID is amazing because of the information automatically provided with every call. It makes the order taking process easier and more streamlined. This has helped decrease our food costs because of the decrease in order taking mistakes and kitchen errors.”

Bottom Line - Keep Customers Happy

What good is a great product without great service? At Pepperoni’s, customer service is a top priority. Online ordering options have not only kept Pepperoni’s ahead of the game, it has helped keep their customers, and store management, satisfied as well. “Having the perfect online order results in having the perfect pizza delivered to your customer, which results in increased customer satisfaction. Having the right POS system, like Thr!ve, helps us to ensure we deliver the best product to our customers.”

We at Granbury strive to provide our customers with the latest in pizza technology to manage their pizza businesses. Thr!ve delivers the latest and greatest in restaurant POS solutions, according to Jorge. “Thr!ve is a complete product. Thr!ve has everything we need, from order taking, to kitchen management, to customer delivery. Thr!ve technology has made everything in the restaurant easier, increased order taking with no mistakes. It all boils down to increased sales. Ease of use equals increased sales.”

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