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Thrive Point-of-SaleWed, Apr 01, 2015 @ 05:37 PM2 min read

Pizza Expo Takeaways and the Newest Pizza Delivery Tech

This year's Pizza Expo in Las Vegas was another great success! We love having the opportunity to learn from clients and others in the pizza industry - and we like that you want to learn, too. The buzz on the show floor was all about the latest and greatest in pizza technology...and how it can help your business grow. Here are the main questions buzzing on the show floor: 

What can you do to help me manage deliveries?

pizza delivery technologyDrivers driving you nuts? It can be frustrating keeping up with all your drivers on a busy Saturday night, shuffling through paper reciepts, and making sure your pizzas are delivered hot and fresh. Now there's mobile app technology that helps you keep pizza delivery drivers on track. This technology allows you to speed up deliveries, deliver excellent customer service to your customer's doorstep, and ultimately run a high performance delivery operation.

What can Online Ordering do for my business?

It's no secret that your customers want an easy and convenient option, and online ordering is the ultimate win-win. Your business sees increased order frequency and check averages while your customers get a great ordering experience that brings your food right to them. Not to mention that online ordering is pretty much essential for any quick serve or delivery restaurant to stay competitive. 

What do I need to know about the upcoming changes for payment processing?

If you're not already thinking about credit card security for your  business, you should be! Fraud is an locked-credit-cardissue plaguing both businesses and consumers. This October, new regulations will be in place that require your credit card processing to be safe and secure. On 10/1/15. the EMV liability shift has major credit card issuers issuing chip-enabled credit cards to provide a higher level of security. That means merchants (like you!) need to upgrade their point-of-sale to be able to accept these cards to create teh secure payment system. Come October, restaurants without EMV-enabled systems may be liable for fraudulent credit card transactions at their locations. Merchants who don’t have terminals that can accept the new, more secure cards, will leave their customers more vulnerable and their businesses potentially liable for fraudulent activity. In addition to security, these terminals will allow you to accept mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet in your restaurant. 

How can my POS help me market my business?

Your POS is SO much more than a cash register. Unlock the marketing power of your POS by selecting a vendor that lets you have complete control over your customer's information and data and that helps you easily manage customer loyalty with email and text marketing tools. Utilizing a tablet POS solution gives you even more flexibility, letting you give customers a great experience in the restaurant and letting your staff easily capture customer info. 

Ultimately this year's Expo showed us that there are SO many tools out there to help you not only more efficiently manage your business, but grow your competitive edge! No longer is your point-of-sale limited to cash register functionality. We enjoyed learning from industry patrons and pizza pros and are excited to use these Pizza Expo takeaways to help make your business even better. 

Now...Who's ready for next year?