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Papa Luigi's Pizza: Made From Scratch Pizza Technology

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27 September 2016

Made From Scratch

Papa Luigi’s, located in Swedesboro, NJ, knows all about made-from-scratch. Owner Dimitri Repousis built the business from the ground floor and has spent the last eight years perfecting his product and his processes. As a first generation restaurant owner, he has realized much success with his pizzeria and depends on made-from-scratch technology to help keep him on top.

papa luigi's pizza success tech

Delivery - It’s What We Do

Papa Luigi’s works hard to ensure they deliver a great product with a serving of great customer service. While the bulk of their lunch time business is carry out, they are known for great delivery just in time for dinner. An extensive menu ensures there is something for everyone here, but customizable pizzas are a customer favorite - you name it, Papa Luigi’s will deliver (within reason, of course).

Because delivery is such a large part of their business, Dimitri relies on Thr!ve to deliver the POS features he needs to keep moving those drivers and pizzas out the door! “I no longer have to manage my drivers because of the extensive features Thr!ve offers. These features can be set up in house and tailored to meet the needs and responsibilities of the drivers. The system makes the Friday night delivery process more streamlined and self-managing so I don’t have to. When dealing with multiple drivers, you have to have a management process in place and Thr!ve makes that possible for my pizzeria.”

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Ya’ll Come Back Now - Ya Hear?

Customer loyalty - aka, repeat business - has the potential to make or break a restaurant. A great product alone does not ensure success these days - customer service and marketing have a big impact on whether or not customers will come back to see ya. Papa Luigi’s has taken all of these must-have ingredients and created the best recipe to keep their customers coming back...again, and again, and again!

Thr!ve has provided Papa Luigi’s with the ingredients they need to keep customers happy - and ultimately, loyal. “The #1 Thr!ve feature for me is integration. With a touch of a few buttons, all platforms (Thr!ve Online and Thr!ve Loyalty) work together to make the process more streamlined. Put the time in to learn the system and it will do the work for you. I pick and choose when to market to customers, and what offers to send out - i.e. double points on holiday orders - but there are a ton of options to choose from. I want to differentiate my product and my service for my customers so they keep coming back.”

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We Go Way Back

pos system and tabletDimitri had been using the Diamond Touch system since 1998, when he had part ownership in another pizzeria. In 2008, when he bought his own restaurant, he quickly realized that the POS system that came with the pizzeria was not going to make the cut, and he installed Diamond Touch in his restaurant in 2010. With his many years of experience with the DT system, Dimitri was one of the first to convert to Thr!ve when it was released and said that “If Diamond Touch worked so well for that many years, then I believe Thr!ve is the next generation POS. I’ll say it again, I love Thr!ve Loyalty and the way it integrates with Thr!ve Online - everything updates itself real time and at end of day all of my information is there without me having to duplicate any work.”

Any Closing Remarks?

If you run a restaurant, you know how important a POS system is to the success of your business. If you run a pizzeria, you know the right POS is not just important, but critical, to that success. Dimitri feels the same way. “In my line of business, my only question is...how can you run a restaurant WITHOUT a POS? In order to maximize my business potential, I depend on Thr!ve POS. Thr!ve helps me streamline the entire process and keep costs down - I can reduce staff requirements because calls go faster, fewer mistakes are made, so I need fewer people - this all equals more sales and an increased bottom line.”

So, what are you waiting for? Request your Thr!ve demo today!


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