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Don’t Get Spooked by One of Pizza’s Busiest Days!

Thrive Point-of-Sale

24 October 2016

Halloween is nearly here, and this holiday can be one of the busiest days for the nation’s pizzerias! If you are prepping for the big day, here’s some tips to help make it go smoothly.

Plan Ahead with Deferred Orders and Thr!ve POS

Encourage customers to plan ahead and place a deferred order - either online with Thr!ve or in an advance phone call. With orders placed in advance, you can use the deferred order reporting tools to help calculate how many extra wings to order and how much dough to prep. Learn more about Deferred Orders in Thr!ve and Deferred Order Reports.

Halloween Email TemplateHalloween Templates

How will you remind customers to order ahead? Glad you asked! Our Thr!ve Loyalty design team has created some
 fun new Halloween templates -- so if you are a SalesBuilder its super easy to customize a Halloween message for all your customers. Just log into SalesBuilder, choose Communications > Broadcast, and select from the list of templates shown.  


Learn More about SalesBuilder Broadcasts

Learn More About Loyalty


Halloween Email TemplateMake A Spooky Online Experience

Let customers know you love Halloween with a spirited twist on your online ordering page!  Modify your site’s header temporarily with a Halloween theme. If you aren’t great at graphic design, ask a staff member to get creative or use a site like fiverr.com, where you can get a simple task like this done for as low as $5.   

Learn how to modify your Thr!ve Online header.

Eerily Good Halloween Marketing

Create an online-only Halloween special offer -- a bundle of good stuff like bloody fingers (breadsticks with marinara) and ghostly guzzlers (a 2-liter of Mt. Dew) combined with a jack-o-lantern pizza for the kids.  A combo offer makes ordering easy and doesn’t have to be discounted to be attractive on this special night!

Plan ahead, take a deep breath, and have fun celebrating one of America’s favorite pizza holidays!

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The 8 Challenges of Pizza Point-of-Sale

When it comes to POS technology, pizzerias have unique needs that can’t be met by the software used by the local coffee shop. Check out these key areas of pizza-specific functionality to make sure your choice measures up!

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