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Thrive Point-of-SaleMon, Feb 20, 2017 @ 08:12 AM3 min read

5 Tips to Make your Restaurant Delivery System Efficient

According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, 61% of people said they consider delivery and takeout options important for table service restaurants. Delivery options are especially crucial for the millennial category (18-34), who responded overwhelmingly (74%) that they would order delivery if this service was available. It was even higher for quick causal restaurants, where 8 out of 10 millennials would opt for delivery.

A recent article in Forbes Magazine noted that millennials spend about 44% or $2,921 of their food budgets in restaurants every year, and this number continues to rise. The data shows that millennials love delivery, so evaluate your restaurant delivery system and make sure it’s set up to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Set Yourself up for Success

delivery screen on a pos system screenEvery delivery starts with an order. Although most restaurants take phone orders, it’s a good idea to have an alternate method so people don’t get a busy signal or placed on hold so long they decide to take their business elsewhere. Many eateries also have a restaurant delivery system that accepts online orders and a few quick service restaurants even take orders via text message. It should be as easy as possible to place an order, so check your menu and make sure it’s printed clearly, prominently featured online and optimized for mobile devices.

Diners expect the same quality food whether they eat in or take out. You don’t want patrons to say they prefer eating in-house because the food tastes better. Evaluate the menu carefully and pull off selections that won’t travel well. You should do a few test runs to make sure delivery packaging is up to the task and won’t leak, break or spill.  

Streamline the Ordering Process

The right restaurant delivery software can facilitate delivery flow. Choose a POS system that’s easy to use both in-store and online. The right POS can speed up the ordering process with saved customer preferences, last order recall and pre-loaded menu options and specials.

Double Check the Order

Even the best restaurant delivery system can’t compensate for human error. When an on-premise customer has their meal prepared incorrectly, it may take a few minutes to remake, but when a delivery order is wrong, it can take a lot longer to fix. Therefore, it’s critical that delivery orders are checked for accuracy before they leave the kitchen and are packed with plates, napkins and utensils. Designate a person to double check the orders, especially during the busiest shifts when people are working quickly.

Choose the Right Ambassadors

Delivery drivers and counter workers are the ambassadors for your brand. Hire workers that are well-groomed and have a positive attitude. Employees that are grouchy or slow to fulfill requests won’t leave a good impression.

Integrate your POS Software 

POS software with the right functions can work as a restaurant delivery system to facilitate fast, smooth delivery and carry out. Integrating technology from multiple companies can be complicated, expensive and time-consuming, so choose one system that fits your needs. A comprehensive POS solution can assist with delivery monitoring and ensure orders are grouped together in a manageable way.

Delivery and carry out is a growing segment of the restaurant industry, so set yourself up for success by having a restaurant delivery system. Online ordering capability, a clear menu and accuracy checks will help facilitate fast, easy ordering and ensure that meals are made correctly. The right point of sale software, combined with enthusiastic employees means that your delivery business will be ready to roll.

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