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From Dough to Doorstep

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Restaurant Delivery - With Expert Help!

Adding delivery to your restaurant business can seem like adding another ring onto what’s already a 3-ring circus!  Trust the expertise of Thr!ve to help make it all go smoothly. We’ve got restaurant delivery software down to a science and can help you juggle it all like a superstar!


From Point A to Point B - Details Matter


  • Speed up order taking with advanced caller identification, auto-complete address entry and delivery areas defined by drawing on a Google map.
  • Manage customer expectations with customizable promise times that automatically update to your online ordering, color code on the dispatch screen and alert you when you’re late. Automatic order confirmations and dispatch alerts let customers know you’re on your way - and loyalty rewards turn them into regulars.
  • Get drivers going in the right direction. Smart driver assignments, integrated Google maps & driving directions (with Street View), even pop-up reminders so they don’t forget the 2-liters and napkins.

Delivery Success Guide

Delivery is one of the most important (and complicated) aspects of any restaurant operation. If you are counting on delivery as a key part of your restaurant's success, you need to count on the right technology to help. Download your FREE Delivery Success Guide!

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There's an App for That -- DR!VE

Keep your drivers on track with the mobile app that’s made just for them.

View details about assigned orders


Check in at arrival, so you’ll
know exactly when the order was delivered


Capture customer signature and credit tips


Back at the restaurant, view all your driver
locations at all times

"I no longer have to manage my drivers because of the extensive features Thr!ve offers. These features can be set up in house and tailored to meet the needs and responsibilities of the drivers. The system makes the Friday night delivery process more streamlined and self-managing so I don’t have to. When dealing with multiple drivers, you have to have a management process in place and Thr!ve makes that possible for my pizzeria."



- Dimitri, Papa Luigi's Pizza

Delivery is Serious Business

When you're sending product and money out the door, you need technology that takes delivery seriously. For Thr!ve, delivery is not a module that was just casually bolted on.  We serve delivery restaurants as our core business - and built Thr!ve from scratch around their needs.



Dictate valid delivery areas, delivery fees, valid times, minimum order requirements - even ban trouble customers from future deliveries.



Top-notch security & control over drops, runs, and who takes what delivery when.



Track driver mileage for every run, and calculate driver payments accurately every time.



Powerful payment processing options that allow for easy future orders, revised orders, and online orders that you can modify at the store.



Complete accountability for cash, credit, tips and coupons with an easy checkout process.



Compare performance with extensive driver reports.

Bringing Today's Deliveries Back Tomorrow

Whew, today’s deliveries are done, but let’s do it again tomorrow! Grow your delivery business with Thr!ve’s built-in marketing tools. Send coupons to customers that received a delivery today with just a few easy steps. Miss your promised times on a few? Run the late delivery report and generate mailing labels for a personal apology that same night. Check your delivery map for an analysis of where you’re hot and where you could stand to improve. Want an even easier way to keep customers coming back? Thr!ve Loyalty will send email or text message offers to welcome new customers, reward frequent guests, or poke the lazy ones -- all automatically.

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