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Pros and Cons of Pineapple Pizza
Thrive Point-of-SaleFri, Feb 24, 2017 @ 02:15 PM2 min read

The Pros and Cons of Pineapple Pizza

The Pros and Cons of Pineapple Pizza

The debate over pineapple on pizza has raged for years, igniting passionate arguments on both sides. Whether you're firmly in the "pro-pineapple" camp or you believe fruit has no place on a pizza, one thing is clear: people have strong opinions about their pizza toppings.Pineapple pizza

Pineapple Pizza

This heated debate isn't new. Years ago, Iceland's President casually joked during a visit to a high school that pineapple pizzas should be outlawed, causing a media frenzy. This light-hearted comment highlighted a deeper divide: some people love the sweet and savory combo, while others see it as a culinary abomination.

Since we're deeply embedded in the pizza business, we couldn't resist diving into this debate ourselves. A quick poll within our community showed a stark divide, with almost no neutral ground. People have feelings about pineapple pizza, and those feelings run deep!


  • Sweet and Savory Delight: Combining ham with pineapple in a Hawaiian pizza creates an irresistible flavor combo.
  • Healthy Justification: Pineapple is fruit, so you can totally justify that extra slice for its Vitamin C, right?
  • Great for Leftovers: Pineapple holds up well when you're digging into those cold leftovers.
  • Less Sharing: If your family isn't #TeamPineapple, you won't have to share your pizza.


  • Traditional Tastes: You might offend the Italians with this non-traditional topping.
  • Limited Combos: Pineapple limits your topping variety; it pairs best with ham or pepperoni.
  • Judgment Zone: #TeamNoPineapple members will most certainly judge you.
  • Extra Costs: More toppings mean more calories and extra charges.

Regardless of your stance on pineapple pizza, one thing remains true: personalizing pizzas is key to customer satisfaction. At Thrive POS, we understand the importance of catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Our advanced POS system not only streamlines your operations but also allows for easy customization of orders to satisfy even the most unique pizza preferences.

By leveraging Thrive POS, you can enhance customer engagement through personalized offers and loyalty programs. Imagine being able to target #TeamPineapple with special deals or new toppings that complement their favorite slice. Our system ensures you have the right tools to keep your customers coming back, regardless of their topping preferences.

So whether you’re calling up your favorite pizza joint to order a Hawaiian pie or firmly standing by your pepperoni-only stance, know that with Thrive POS, your pizzeria can cater to every customer's needs efficiently and effectively.

Ready to see how Thrive POS can elevate your pizzeria's game? Discover more about our point of sale solutions here.

Which side are you on?