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Curbside Notifications with Thrive Pizza Point-of-Sale
Colin RuddickJul 13, 2021 7:36:50 PM< 1 min read

New Curbside Notifications

Looking to make the curbside pickup experience a bit smoother for your customers?   Thrive has a new “I’ve Arrived” notification option.

Customers can choose “Curbside” as a pickup option when placing their order in Thrive Online or over the phone. Based on the order type, you can make it always Curbside, or optional for the customer to choose Curbside.


The email receipt sent to the customer includes a link to click on when they’ve arrived.  The customer can enter their car type, color, and parking location.

Restaurant staff will be notified with a printed ticket that includes the customer’s arrival details and alerts on the order screen.

This feature is available in Thrive 8.1. Learn More about how to set it up, and request to be part of the beta!



Colin Ruddick

Colin is the Product Manager for all business-building strategic products designed to work with Thrive Pizza Point-of-Sale, including Thrive Online, SalesBuilder Loyalty, DR!VE App and more. He has been with Granbury Solutions since 2012, and was an integral part of the Firefly POS team, upon which Thrive was built.