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Thrive Point-of-SaleFri, Nov 13, 2015 @ 11:37 AM2 min read

Time to Upgrade? Don't Risk your Restaurant with Outdated Tech

Upgrade your Technology
The end of the year is nearly here already, and that usually comes with a fresh look at your business strategy, budget and plans for 2016. Should upgrading your technology be part of that plan? Check our list to see if any of these apply to you...
  • Are you still using Windows XP or other outdated operating systems? Don't put your business at risk using old technology that is no longer secure or supported.  
  • Does failing hardware put an extra stress on your staff? When those little technology hiccups start to turn into big technology disasters it can have a big impact on your bottom line. If you are using hardware that is 5 or more years old, chances are its just waiting for the right Friday night to strike!
  • Do you wish you could have more visibility into your business? With our new Thr!ve system, you can access your business anytime from secure connection right through your web browser - without tying up a terminal or alerting your staff.
  • Are your customers turning elsewhere rather than ordering online from you? An outdated or Restaurant Online Orderinginefficient online ordering system can cause errors, price discrepancies, and hassles. Worse yet - no online ordering at all will make many customers turn to your competitor. Try Thr!ve Online for a modern, hassle free experience. 
  • Are you relying on outdated, insecure or 3rd party credit processing software like PC Charge?  If you are not using encrypted, tokenized credit card processing your business could be at risk for a PCI credit card breach. Our newest technology keeps credit card numbers out of your computers and is ready for new payment types like EMV, Apple Pay and Google Wallet. 
  • Are your delivery drivers hard to manage?  Is IRS record keeping for mileage difficult to maintain? Your POS system can help with Google maps mileage tracking on all deliveries and a driver mobile app that shows you where all your drivers are at all times.  
  • Would you like to lower your tax bill?  Now is a great time to invest money in technology, as you will likely be able to write off all your investment this year, lowering your tax bill and saving you money!
If any of these situations make you think it might be time to upgrade to the latest & greatest tools for your business, we're ready to help. Don't forget, our current clients can update to Thr!ve POS for no additional software licensing cost. Click the button to learn more!
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