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QuickTip: Managing Tax Exempt Customers in FireFly POS

Many restaurants work closely with tax-exempt customers such as schools or churches to provide catering for special events or school lunches.   The FireFly point-of-sale system will remind you when a customer is tax-exempt.  Here's how to use this feature: 

1.  When setting up the customer, click on the "MORE" button and check the "Tax Exempt" box. You can also enter an identification # if needed. 

Non tax ID

2.  Now, each time you select that customer to place an order, you'll be asked if you want to make the sale a non-tax sale:

non tax alert

3.  If you pick YES, the sale will be a non-tax sale and details will be reported on your tax report:

non tax sale details

That's all there is to it!   An easy way to improve customer service for these key account.

Duessa Holscher

Written by Duessa Holscher

Duessa is the Chief Product Officer for Granbury Solutions. She sets direction overall for product development and marketing.