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Wicks Pizza: Finding A Pizza Point-of-Sale System That Delivers!

There's not a lot that Wick's Pizza & Pub in Louisville, Ky., doesn't do. The four-store chain provides dine-in, takeout, delivery, and has a full bar at each location. With such a full menu of services, the company needed a pizza point-of-sale system with a five-star selection of features to match. FireFly POS from GRS was their choice.

Off to the Races

"Even during our busiest week here–Derby Week–all our FireFly locations perform without a hitch. 

Remote Access...A Back-office Bonus

"FireFly saves us a huge amount of time in our daily corporate office operations. With FireFly point-of-sale, our office staff can remotely access information such as store summary and payroll reports without constantly talking with store management. That saves a lot of time.

"We also use the remote access feature to add new menu items and change pricing and coupons. It's great for helping us flag bad-check-writing customers in the database, update delivery driver license and insurance expirations, enter large deferred orders, research shortages in daily deposits, and send 'e-mail' via the inter-store mail to employees and management."

Happy Employees, Satisfied Customers

"At first, our employees were resistant to a new POS system. Now that they are used to the changes and are learning the new features FireFly offers they are much happier with the new system.

"FireFly has boosted our customer service and has saved time in taking delivery and takeout orders. With the integrated caller ID, our order takers know who's on the phone before they even answer; no extra time is needed to look customers up. It also lets us view a customer's previous order in case they need help remembering or want a suggestion."

FireFly POS: Service for Now, Technology for the Future

"Support and service have been great. The FireFly staff is always prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous when we call. And unlike RapidFire, FireFly is still developing new features that will continue to benefit us as we adapt new features and technologies.

"I would recommend FireFly POS, without question!"

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Duessa Holscher

Written by Duessa Holscher

Duessa is the Chief Product Officer for Granbury Solutions. She sets direction overall for product development and marketing.