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5 Tips for Surviving Your Restaurant’s Busy Days

Thrive Point-of-Sale

30 October 2013

The holidays are quickly approaching and for pizza restaurants your busiest days are just around the corner. Have you made plans for surviving the rush of Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve, New Years Day or the Super Bowl? Don’t stress, Granbury Solutions has 5 great tips for surviving your busiest days by planning ahead and making the most of your restaurant technology.

Tip #1- Remind Customers to Take Advantage of Online & Mobile Ordering Options

Order Online- Online Nothing relieves the pressure of pick-up and delivery orders like an efficient system for online and smart-phone ordering. Free your staff from order taking so that they can focus on preparation and serving your customers. Start your holiday marketing early and encourage customers to take advantage of online ordering with a special “online only” coupon or discount. Don’t forget to promote your online ordering in store! Consider adding a few lines about online ordering to your on-hold message, your restaurant’s receipts or even sending an email reminder. If you don't yet have online ordering, we can get you going! If you, be sure to check out our Online Ordering Launch Guide for more tips on promoting online ordering.

Tip #2- Encourage Customers to Order Early

Plan Ahead!Taking orders in advance with the deferred or delayed ordering features in your pizza point-of-sale helps you prepare for the rush and avoid surprise orders. Do your customers know offer the convenience of ordering ahead? Promote “early orders” on your to go menus, your website and social media pages. Consider offering specials for customers who order ahead and easily promote them via email, text message, or box-topper flyers.

Tip #3- Consult and Prepare Your POS Before You Plan

Stack of PizzasDon’t forget to review last year’s data when forecasting for busy days. Don't just rely on weekly forcasting for big days. Check last year’s sales and inventory reports to accurately estimate how much food to prepare in advance. If your point-of-sale system has a countdown feature to help you keep track of when limited quantity items are out-of-stock, be sure to use it on items you may run out of. If you run out of an item, mark it out-of-stock for online orders to avoid confusing staff and disappointing customers.

Tip #4- Let Your Staff Know the Game Plan

Have a game plan ready!Prepare your team for the upcoming holidays and keep them, motivated by letting them know how you plan to handle the busiest days. Remind staff of the importance of each position and train them to help communicate the value of ordering ahead or online ordering to customers. Perhaps offer an incentive or team reward for timely and accurate orders to boost morale and encourage teamwork.

Tip #5- Don't Forget to Keep it Fun

Halloween Themed PizzaParticipating in the holidays is a great way to excite customers and create a community feeling that helps you stand out from the competition. Get in the holiday spirit and delight your customers by planning specials, offering holiday themed food items or even holding contests in your restaurant. Plus, promoting these events in-store and in social media are great ways to get customers talking about your business.

We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming busy days! Make the most of the pizza software tools you already have to turn the stress of your busiest days to make the holidays successful and fun! 

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