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Review Thrive's best tips for future-proofing your business
Quikstone Capital SolutionsWed, Jun 01, 2022 @ 10:45 AM3 min read

5 Profit-Making Investments to Boost Your Business

Restaurant owners are always looking for ways to grow and future-proof their businesses. Having the necessary funding to carry out growth initiatives is essential to the health of your restaurant business. Here are five investments you should make in your business this year.

  1. Update your look.

    The outside of your establishment is the first impression for many potential customers. Making your exterior look clean and updated will make your restaurant more inviting. New exterior signage is also a significant investment as signs are still an effective means of promoting and advertising your business. You may also want to consider taking advantage of the warm weather by adding a deck or patio to enhance your look and create additional dining space.
  2. Take on an interior remodel.

    The more inviting your interior is, the longer customers will want to stay in your establishment. A fresh remodel can help you drive more sales and improve your average ticket totals. An interior refresh could be as simple as a deep cleaning or as detailed as a complete overhaul of your interior design. A customer's level of comfort in your restaurant can directly impact sales.
  3. You need new equipment.

    Whether you need to replace faulty equipment or upgrade to more efficient models, investing in new equipment is necessary for most restaurants. Having the capital available to do so can make or break your business. A business cash advance is a quick way to get the funding you need to keep your business up and running.
  4. Invest in new technology.

    A feature-rich point-of-sale system can be key in increasing sales and decreasing costs. Having a POS with sophisticated analytics will allow you to operate your business better and help you make decisions. Energy-efficient appliances and fixtures are some other sound investments.
  5. Increase your inventory.

    Business owners often come across great opportunities to expand their inventory through bulk purchases or discounts through their distributors, but that doesn’t mean much if you don’t have the cash to make it happen. Since a business cash advance can be approved and funded in just 2-5 business days, it is a quick way to get the money you need to take advantage of these opportunities. Quikstone Capital Solutions has helped thousands of businesses with easy, fast, and flexible funding.

As a restaurant owner, you know the value that a state-of-the-art POS system can bring to your business. Get the right technology in place today to prepare for tomorrow.

Thrive Pizza Point-of-SaleThrive Pizza Point-of-Sale offers a robust system built to help pizza and delivery restaurants grow.  With online ordering, mobile app, unlimited terminals, loyalty, managed menu service, third-party integrations, and more — Thrive Pizza Point-of-Sale gives you everything you need for success.


Contact a Thrive representative today to get started by calling 800-750-3947 or clicking below:


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If you need funding for most any business need, Thrive Pizza POS and Quikstone Capital can help. It's easy, fast, and flexible.  If you accept credit cards it's easy to apply with a simple, one-page application. Get a no-cost, no-obligation pre-qualification today!



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Quikstone Capital Solutions

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