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Independent Restaurants

Technology to Beat the Big Guys

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Better Than the Big 3

You don’t need a Big 3 budget to even the playing field. Thrive provides the independent pizza restaurant the ability to leverage the same advanced technology at an affordable price. Your product is already superior, you just need the right tools to lead you to victory.

  • Point of sale that’s modern and flexible, designed with the special needs of delivery restaurants and pizzerias in mind
  • Online + mobile ordering customized to your business (and your superior menu)
  • Loyalty marketing that rewards customers new and old with every pie
  • Reporting that gets the special needs of a pizza POS system
  • Payment processing that won’t break the bank
Thrive POS Product Group

Fully Featured, Fully Integrated

To compete for today’s customer, you need technology that’s easy to use in-store and online. But hassling with complex integrations between multiple companies can spell trouble. More than just pizza point of sale, the Thrive Suite gives you all the tools you need to work on your business, not in it. 

  • Spruce up your in-store image with sleek, affordable iPad POS terminals, or stick with traditional touch screen POS stations - whatever works best for your operation.
  • Add hassle-free online and mobile ordering to your website with a customer-friendly ordering experience with proven ROI.
  • Securely access your system from your home office or anywhere you happen to be. Check stats, run payroll, change prices or ring up an order without alerting staff or tying up a workstation.

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Technology That Delivers, Dough to Doorstep

Delivery drivers driving you nuts? Take your technology on the road with sophisticated pizza delivery software.

  • Make driver checkout a painless with Thrive.
  • Get complete accountability and lots of ways to pay drivers (including Google-calculated mileage reimbursement and automatic tip credit wage while on the road).
  • Top notch security and control over drops, runs, and who gets to take what delivery when. 
  • You can even track expected coupons and compare performance with our extensive driver reports.

Looking for even more delivery data? Our driver mobile app, Dr!ve, helps keep your drivers informed, tracks their location, and lets you know exactly when that delivery is made.

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Pizzerias Are Complicated. Thrive Makes it Easy.

One large pepperoni, or a half sausage half mushroom medium on gluten-free crust. No matter how you say it, Thrive is built with the pizzerias in mind. We know the complex needs of a pizza restaurant go beyond your typical burger or sandwich joint.

Artisan Pizza


  • Conversational Ordering means your employees can ring up orders the way your customers say them — even complex pizza fractions are made as easy as pie.
  • Vivid graphics and an easy-touch screen improve order accuracy and makes training a snap. Thrive has a flexible menu layout and easy order entry features to guide cashiers through accurate order taking.
  • Crazy pizza pricing? No problem. We’ve seen just about every variation.
  • Thrive’s Smart Coupon feature ensures that the right deal is applied only when valid. Complex value deal rules and requirements keep your discounts on track.
  • Counting every slice? Keep accurate inventory with smart rules around topping counts that only a pizzeria could love.

Learn More About How Thrive Handles the Special Needs of Pizzerias

8 Challenges of Pizza POS



“I don’t know how anyone could successfully run a restaurant without a POS system in today’s world. When deciding on a pizza POS system, you don’t want to try and fit your pizza delivery needs into a system that was not designed to accommodate a pizza delivery restaurant. Pizza delivery is a different type of business, and Thr!ve provides everything you need to successfully run a pizza business in "one complete system."

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Thrive’s suite of technology has a proven ROI to help you grow and manage your business more profitably.  Our flexible subscription packages cover every budget and put you in control of the options that make sense for you. Just need the software? No problem. Looking for all the hardware, bells and whistles? We’ve got you covered, too. With options from Do-It-Yourself to White Glove service, our team builds a customized package that fits your needs.