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Payment Processing

Secure, Reliable, Affordable Credit Card Processing

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Integrated Payment Processing in your Point of Sale

With Thr!ve Payments, credit card processing becomes an easy and reliable part of your ordering process.

Competitive Rates

Because of our bulk buying power, we can offer you an unbeatable processing rate.

High Speed Processing

Online payment acceptance has a typical authorization time of 2-4 seconds.

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Convenient Transactions

No third party software or separate machines to share. Each POS terminal can quickly and easily process your transactions.

Advanced Security Features

Card data is encrypted at the point of swipe and is unreadable by anyone but the card processor.

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Speedy Funding

Receive payments in 1 to 2 business days.

Gift Card Programs

Sell branded, reloadable gift cards for your restaurant.

Thr!ve Payments - On Your Team

We’re not a processor, but we use our buying power of thousands of merchants nationwide to give you a group negotiated rate that can’t be beaten.

If you would like to use your current provider or search for your own, you can do that too!

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Integrations That Go Deeper

When you’ve got orders coming from all directions - phones, online and in house - you need the flexibility of integrated payments that work no matter what! Thr!ve Payments offers advanced integrations that understand real world problems.

  • Modify online order credit transactions or add a tip right from the POS
  • If a customer calls back to add a coupon or modify an item, it’s simple to adjust the corresponding credit transaction
  • Pre-authorized bar tabs and deferred orders help ensure the card is valid
  • Your choice to require AVS and CVV entry for better security on card-not-present orders
  • Capture on-screen customer signatures and email receipts
  • Toggle signature on/off for transactions under $25
  • Offline mode lets you keep working if the internet is down
  • Print receipts with suggested gratuity amounts

The Highest Standards for Security

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, which has established the PCI Security Standards Council to hold merchants and payment applications to high standards for security of cardholder data. Since July 2010, all merchants who take credit cards must maintain PCI compliance. Your responsibility to be PCI compliant goes beyond using certified software, it also means securing your computer network, controlling access to cardholder data, and regularly monitoring your system. Thr!ve can help you fulfill the obligations of PCI compliance.

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