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Thrive Point-of-SaleFri, Apr 22, 2016 @ 01:00 PM2 min read

Pizza Technology for Your Pizza Business


Coming from a long line of family restauranteurs, Big Daddy’s owner Cheech Kehoe is no stranger to the world of restaurant management. He’s been knocking it out of the park in the pizza business since 1996. With a recently opened second location, Big Daddy’s is one of the leading pizza delivery options in Vermont. Award winning pizza and chicken wings are just the beginning to this great menu, which includes Homemade Island Ice Cream made locally in Vermont. They bake their own bread in house daily too. It doesn’t get much better than that!

 One Size Does Not Fit All

With his many years in the pizza restaurant business, Cheech knows a thing or two about what it takes to run a successful operation. First, you need a great pizza! Then you need a great POS system to help manage it all. “I don’t know how anyone could successfully run a restaurant without a POS system in today’s world. When deciding on a pizza POS system, you don’t want to try and fit your pizza delivery needs into a system that was not designed to accommodate a pizza delivery restaurant. Pizza delivery is a different type of business, and Thr!ve provides everything you need to successfully run a pizza business in one complete system.”

What Has Your POS Done For You Lately?

Cheech has been a partner with Granbury Solutions since 2004 and uses Thr!ve’s online and mobile ordering options, customer loyalty program, employee reporting, and enterprise management. “I chose Thr!ve online because of the multiple integration possibilities, including real time updates, and coupon integration for SalesBuilder. With Thr!ve, the process of creating and managing coupons is seamless and automatic.”

Managing a restaurant is no easy task. Finding quality employees is no walk in the park either. Thr!ve POS was designed with this challenge in mind and provides the technology needed to manage people and manage results. “The lack of motivated, self-starting staff members available in the restaurant industry makes it essential that technology help the restaurant world to reduce the dependence on manual labor. We try to idiot proof everything and Thr!ve helps us do just that!’

Online & Mobile Ordering = Your Ticket To Bigger Profits

In today’s technology driven world, just about EVERYTHING is online. Your pizza POS shouldn’t be any different! Customers expect quick and easy options, and we deliver so you can deliver too. “The average online order is $3-5 dollars more than phone orders. Online ordering is a must have tool.” Online & mobile ordering options with Thr!ve are easy to implement, easy to use and can help boost your profits, and your bottom line.

With decades of experience, Big Daddy’s knows pizza and they know how to do pizza the right way. If you are a fellow pizza restaurant owner, take the advice of Cheech Kehoe and Big Daddy’s Pizza; “Find the POS system that’s right for your pizza restaurant because not just any system will do.” With our customizable POS options, we at Granbury Solutions are here to help you Thr!ve in your pizza business too!

Want to learn more about how Thr!ve can help you manage your pizza business? Request more information below!

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