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Simplify the Complicated Task of Restaurant Inventory

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Your Restaurant Inventory Hero

From anchovies to zucchini, track your inventory with Thr!ve POS to simplify food cost calculation and control.

Track Ingredients

Set up the ingredients you want to track.

Purchase & Receive

Create purchase orders based on warning or par levels. Track what you receive from your vendors.

Connect to Items You Sell

Keep track of what ingredients you should have used by building a recipe for the items you sell.

Count What's on Hand

Keep track of what ingredients you should have used by building a recipe for the items you sell.

Analyze & Improve

Take a look at how well you did at keeping food costs where it should be, and find trouble ingredients to focus on improving.

A Little or A Lot - You Choose How Inventory Works

Start simple, by tracking just your most important ingredients, or go full speed ahead by tracking everything you buy. Analyze ideal usage with detailed recipes, or use a simplified “category % target” or “usage per thousand” method. Choose your physical inventory schedule by ingredient - some you’ll count daily, some periodically. You can also count by preferred vendor. Thr!ve’s inventory software is flexible to give you a little inventory help or hardcore inventory control.

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Thr!ve Knows Pizza Inventory

Make pizza? Want to inventory your toppings? You’ve come to the right experts. Thr!ve was built from the ground up with the needs of pizzerias in mind and our inventory module is no exception.

  • Smart handling of custom modifications to specialty pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings
  • Inventory usage by topping count recognizes that a 5 topping pizza gets considerably fewer pepperoni slices than a 1 topping pizza does.
  • Track usage by order type, so boxes are deducted for deliveries but not for dine-ins.
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If You Don’t Know, You Can’t Grow

You may know what your most popular menu items are, but what are your most profitable? With Thr!ve’s inventory module, you’ll have food cost calculations built into each item you sell, so you can see at a glance what your profit margin is. This can impact decisions from how you layout your menu to what specials or promotions you run, so you can grow your business profitably.

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