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Labor Reports - Now in Thrive Analytics

Adam Green

06 June 2023

What are Thrive Analytics Payroll Reports and how do I enable them? 

Thrive Analytics Payroll reports add the convenience and function of being able to pull your labor , payroll summary and details directly from Thrive Analytics inside of Thrive-Control-Center.

By default the payroll reports are disabled and will need to be enabled per security role. 
NOTE:   Anyone that you give access to will be able to see pay rates for all employees that are set for hourly wages. 

Once Payroll is enabled,  you can access the Employee Payroll section in Thrive Analytics - Employee Payroll: 


Your report can be filtered by employee, location, job type, date range : 

Adam Green

Adam is the Head of Product Research & Development for Thrive Pizza Point-of-Sale and all integrations, previously managing all business-building strategic products, and leading the Thrive Help Desk team.


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