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Thrive Point-of-SaleThu, Dec 04, 2014 @ 03:57 PM2 min read

Your Top 3 Restaurant POS Problems Solved

Granbury Solutions POS Guide“Is that a customer I see?”

No doubt one of your main priorities is customer service…and bulky, old-fashioned restaurant POS equipment can get in the way of a great customer interaction. Not only does it clutter up your counter space, but those out of date POS monitors keep you anchored when you need the flexibility to move and assist customers more quickly and efficiently. Luckily, now the ease and affordability of a tablet POS solution allows you to refresh your look with a modern, sleek tablet-based system that your staff & customers will love. Granbury’s Thr!ve system allows you to access your POS system as a handheld tablet or add a docking station for your counter. It’s available for iPad or Android tablets with your choice of hardware accessories and is fully integrated with business building tools like online & mobile ordering, loyalty marketing, and enterprise reporting.

“One minute while I wait for the POS to reboot” Granbury Solutions POS Guide

In your restaurant, time = transactions, so if your POS system is lagging behind, you could be losing business. Slowness, reboots, complicated order entry procedures, waiting in line to process credit cards - it all leads to lost business, frustrated staff and unhappy customers. Our solution will allow you to simplify the ordering process with a fast, easy-to-learn system, including payment processing. Upgrading to an easy-to-use POS system like Thr!ve, which is fully featured for complex menus and delivery operations, means your business can take care of customers quickly and efficiently.

“Where did this order come from?”

Cartoon3Online ordering gives you an added competitive edge to give your customers the convenience and flexibility to place orders more easily. But watch out, online orders that don’t come directly into your POS system are a recipe for trouble. Trying to manage two separate systems means that orders are more likely to get lost or overlooked, and managing those orders in the POS system becomes a more complicated and time-consuming process. Simplify your online ordering tools with the all-in-one convenience of Granbury’s Thr!ve POS and our integrated suite of solutions - including online ordering, customer loyalty and enterprise management tools. This means less room for mistakes and increased order accuracy (not to mention happy customers and staff!) It’s really a win-win; Your customers can skip the line and place their own orders from anywhere and you'll love the convenience and the increased ticket averages.

That’s not all, folks!

  • Control your data locally and avoid downtime from “offline” cloud services

  • Rest easy with a fully PCI compliant system for payment processing

  • Intuitive graphical interface so that your employees can ring up orders the way your customers say them

  • Customizable requirement screens guide you through the entire order process to improve service and increase up-selling

  • Eliminate the confusion of special offers with smart discounts that automatically apply to certain items and ensure requirements are met before discounts are applied.

Are you ready to Thr!ve? We have affordable package options with everything you need to transform your business. Packages include Thr!ve restaurant point-of-sale software, fully integrated online and mobile ordering, powerful loyalty marketing and rewards program, enterprise management system, plus all the essential hardware accessories training and technical support services you need to get started.

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