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Thr!ve POS - Better than Ever!

Thrive Point-of-Sale

06 January 2015

2014’s Q4 releases focus on Customers, Drivers.

Over the past few months, we’ve added more great features to our Thr!ve restaurant point-of-sale solution, making it the right choice for your next software upgrade!  Run on an iPad or Android tablet for convenience and mobility, or use your  traditional POS stations -- Thr!ve is ready for action in your restaurant.

A New, Awesome Way to View Your Customers

Customer service is critical in your restaurant. Thr!ve’s new customer features give you powerful tools to help exceed those customer expectations and deliver a great experience with every transaction.

Info-Packed Caller ID Screen

Phone ringing off the hook during a busy lunch rush? Color coding and instant info on the callerID screen let you identify new customers, loyal customers, repeat callers and more before you even pick up the phone!

Close_Up_Customer_Stats.pngCustomer Stats & History

Get deeper insights into every transaction to personalize a customer's experience. Everything you need to know about your customer’s order history is available at a glance, with detailed order review of every single order!

Customer Star Rating


A customizable “star rating” lets you easily identify your best customers whenever they call. Rate customers by whatever standards fit your business - how frequently they order, how much the order, or whether the refer more customers to you.

Close_Up_Last_Order.pngReordering Made Easy 

Have a customer that consistently order their 'usual'? Speed up the order process each time they visit your restaurant with 1-touch last order reorder. 



Notes & Alerts

Keep your staff in the know - add customer notes and alerts that pop up whenever the customer is viewed right on the POS screen. 

Multiple Addresses

Serving customers that want to order delivery for both their home and thier office? Keep track of multiple addresses for your customers and choose which to use for each delivery.

Close_up_credit_offers.pngCustomer Credits

Made a mistake? Issue a customer credit offer, instantly viewable and redeemable from the customer view screen.  Once redeemed, it’s tracked and no longer available.  Loyalty offers work the same way.

Driver Mileage - More accurate with Google!

If you pay your drivers by the mile, or just keep track of mileage for your records, you can now choose to let Google calculate the actual mileage for each run.  Much more accurate than entering odometer readings!

FireFly, DiamondTouch and Vital Link users can easily upgrade to Thr!ve to take advantage of the latest technology available.  

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Thrive Point-of-Sale

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