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Taking over a new location with Thrive? Here's what to do.

Catherine (Cathy) Seddio

13 April 2022

Buy a new pizza place using Thrive Pizza Point-of-Sale? First of all, congrats! We are committed to helping you build this business. Second, you may be feeling a little uncertain about what changes you need to make to your point-of-sale and credit card processing accounts.  Here's a quick overview:

If you want to continue using Thrive Pizza Point-of-Sale and the same merchant processor as the previous owner:
1. Contact the merchant processor company that you want to use. You'll want to get your account set up as soon as possible.
Once the account is created the merchant company will send Thrive Pizza Point-of-Sale the information needed for your POS system.
2. Contact your customer success manager 
Your customer success manager will be sending you some documents showing that you are the new owner. 
Once we have the signed documents returned we will put in a support case to have the support team set up your POS system with your credit card processor information. 
If you would like to use Thrive Pizza Point-of-Sale but with a different merchant processor:
1. Thrive Pizza Point-of-Sale is fully integrated with two merchant companies: Worldpay and Global Payments.
Once your account is set up with either Worldpay or Global Payments, they will send Thrive Pizza Point-of-Sale the information needed for your POS system.
2. If you do not wish to use Worldpay or Global Payments, you will be set up with our gateway software, Cayan. 
Cayan is the bridge that connects the point-of-sale to a third-party merchant provider.  There is a one-time setup fee of $500 per location, and is subject to a separate monthly charge from Cayan of $50*. 
When your merchant account is set up, you will be required to also set up an account with Cayan. Once your Cayan account is set up, Cayan will sent Thrive Pizza Point-of-Sale the information needed for your POS system. 

*Pricing as of January 2022 is subject to change. If using a different merchant processor than the previous owner, new credit card readers will need to be purchased. Contact your Thrive Representative for more information.

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Catherine (Cathy) Seddio

Cathy has been with Granbury Solutions since 2014 and serves as our Customer Success Team Manager.

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