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Grow Your Business - By Excluding Your Customers??

Brian Loudon

29 June 2023

What if we told you one of the keys to growing your pizzeria's business is excluding customers? No, we don't mean turning away hungry patrons at the door. We're talking about a marketing tactic known as "exclusion marketing" - a strategic approach that, when used correctly, can yield a significant return on minimal advertising spend on platforms like Facebook.

Understanding Exclusion Marketing

Exclusion marketing involves intentionally excluding certain groups from your advertising efforts to better target those who are most likely to convert. In the context of a pizza restaurant, this could mean excluding existing customers from your promotional campaigns for new customers. Why? Because they are already familiar with your delicious pizza offerings, crust varieties, and the distinct flavor of your secret sauce.

Instead, you should focus your marketing budget on luring in new pizza lovers who haven't had a chance to try your unique Margherita or mouth-watering pepperoni pizza. By strategically excluding those already satisfied customers, you can concentrate on winning new ones and maximize the effectiveness of your ad spend.

How it Works

With exclusion marketing, you can upload a list of your existing customers' email addresses to Facebook. The social media platform will then exclude these customers from seeing your ad. That way, your tempting offer will only be seen by potential new customers, making your marketing spend more efficient.

A common strategy is to take an aggressive approach to incentivize potential new customers to try your restaurant. This strategy can be as simple as a discount, a free item with purchase, or another form of enticing deal. However, the real game-changer comes in the delivery of this offer.

Rather than openly advertising the offer, require interested parties to provide their email address to receive it. This simple step can help you build a list of new potential customers who are interested in your brand. Once you have their email addresses, they can be added to your loyalty program and receive future communications, creating a cycle of engagement.

But Facebook isn't the only platform that offers this feature. Other advertising platforms also have their own versions of customer match marketing:

  • Google Ads: Similar to Facebook, Google allows you to upload email lists for more targeted ad campaigns. This is particularly useful if you're looking to drive more traffic to your website or your restaurant's online ordering portal.
  • LinkedIn: With its unique professional audience, LinkedIn is a great platform for promoting business lunch specials or corporate catering services.
  • Twitter: If your restaurant is active on Twitter, why not take advantage of the platform's Tailored Audiences feature to target ads to users similar to your existing customers.


Exclusion marketing might seem counterintuitive at first, but when implemented correctly, it's a powerful strategy for growing your customer base

Implementing Exclusion Marketing

How do you go about implementing exclusion marketing for your pizzeria?

First, you need to identify your existing customers. This might involve creating a customer database through your POS system or loyalty program. Once you have this list, you can use it to exclude these customers from your ad campaigns.

Next, you need to identify potential new customers. This might involve market research to identify demographics or customer segments that you haven't fully reached yet. Once identified, these are the people you'll target in your campaigns. 

Remember, the key to successful exclusion marketing is regular tracking and adjustment. Always monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and adjust your strategies as needed.

Exclusion marketing might seem counterintuitive at first, but when implemented correctly, it's a powerful strategy for growing your customer base. After all, who doesn't want more pizza lovers walking through their door?

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Brian Loudon

Brian is an accomplished marketing professional with over 30 years of experience in the restaurant and restaurant technology industries. With a degree in Marketing from the University of Central Florida, Brian has proven to be a valuable asset to his employers throughout his career. Prior to joining Thrive POS, Brian worked for Granbury Restaurant Solutions and served as an escalation support specialist. His expertise in troubleshooting and resolving technical issues allowed him to gain a deep understanding of restaurant technology and its impact on operations. Additionally, Brian has firsthand experience as a multi-unit restaurant owner. This experience provides him with a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges and opportunities that restaurant owners face on a daily basis. As a Marketing Manager for Thrive POS, Brian is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that promote the company's products and services. His extensive knowledge of the restaurant industry and technology, combined with his marketing expertise, make him an integral part of the Thrive POS team.

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