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Thrive Point-of-SaleWed, Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:22 PM3 min read

5 Secrets that Equal Faster Delivery Times with Pizza Delivery Software

About three billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. every year, but the top sales day — Super Bowl Sunday — is coming up on February 5. Pizza delivery drivers will log more than 4 million miles during the big game, according to pizza.com, and close games will drive this number even higher.

Is your pizzeria ready for the biggest night of the year? Thr!ve has a few tips to make sure restaurants and drivers will be running at maximum efficiency for the kickoff.

1. POS Features

Are you using all the features your pizza delivery software offers? Review your operations to make sure staff is taking orders, serving slices and making deliveries as fast as possible.

  • Faster ordering: Store pizza lovers’ phone numbers, addresses and notes or requests in the system. Repeat customers will appreciate a “last order recall” for their complicated order and special requests.
  • Online ordering: Online ordering is a great way to boost sales because customers can read the entire menu and place an order without feeling pressured. Pizza delivery software also allows the customer to see their anticipated delivery time.
  • Speedy prep: Pizza delivery software that routes orders to the kitchen printers allows staff to start working on them immediately and takes the guesswork out of handwritten tickets. The topping sorts function ensures that toppings are printed in the order of your makeline, so kitchen staff never misses a beat.

2. Phone Manners

Caller ID integrated with pizza delivery software will allow employees to see who is calling so they can address them by name. Don’t let people sit on hold, because research shows that people who are kept waiting longer than one minute will hang up.

3. Delivery

Pizza Delivery SoftwareDrivers should always be on their toes, but your pizza delivery software can make their job a little easier. If deliveries are late, a late delivery report will give some insight on what changes should be made or allow you print labels to send an apology to valued customers.

  • Double check the addresses: For common street names, be sure to have the full name. A pizza delivered to Muller Court instead of Muller Drive can be a downer during an exciting game.
  • Don’t make a delivery unmanageable: It’s important to get food there as quickly as possible, but don’t give a driver so many deliveries that food arrives late or cold.
  • Group the routes: Thr!ve POS software includes an integrated mapping function that allows managers or drivers to map an entire route with driving directions and street views to make sure they arrive at the correct location.

4. Drivers

A restaurant’s delivery driver is its ambassador, so drivers should be well-groomed and have a friendly demeanor. Remind drivers to double check their orders before ringing a customer’s bell. Some pizza delivery software packages, including Thr!ve, have a pop-up function to remind drivers to deliver soda or plates.

5. Car Toppers

Delivery vehicles should have car toppers that light up at night for maximum visibility and lists your restaurant’s phone number in large print. It may seem like old school marketing, but people who see your delivery vehicles in their area will be more likely to give you a call next time.

We’re only a few weeks away from the coin toss, so make sure your restaurant is ready by getting the most out of your pizza delivery software. Using Caller ID features and last order recall will keep hold and prep times down. Friendly drivers using grouped routes and maps will ensure that customers receive their orders hot, fresh and on time. Game on!

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