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Thrive Analytics

Using Pie (charts) to make dough.

Slice & Dice Your Data

Make Informed Decisions


Sales Reporting


Product Mix


Delivery & Driver Performance


Offer Analysis


Online Order Analysis


Basic Financial Reports

All Your Data - Conveniently Located

    • Detailed reports and store comparisons give you the power to run your business effectively.
    • Powerful web-based analytics give you insight at a glance, compare store performance, and let you drill down into the details of product mix, delivery performance, online ticket averages, coupon usage, employee performance, and much more.
    • Graphical visualizations help to tell the story of your enterprise - whether looking at individual locations, regions, and company-wide.
    • Control access by location so managers, franchise owners, regional managers and corporate staff can see the data they need.
    • Real-time transaction level APIs give you access to your data for further analysis & integrations.

      When you’ve got restaurants scattered around the city, or around the globe, you need the power of data to help you grow. 

Boost your sales with data-driven decisions.

When you’ve got restaurants scattered around the city, or around the globe, you need the power of data to help you grow. Manage and compare multiple locations with our web-based data analysis tools with powerful data APIs that let you dive deep into your business results. Multi-store operators can compile totals across the chain, group locations by tags, compare location performance, or see individual location data - all from your cloud-based reporting tool.

Drill into reports and dashboards

Find insights with easy-to-use filters that produce critical information, trends, and areas for improvement you need to know to make profitable decisions for your pizzeria. Control access for regional or store managers to see only data for their locations and subscribe to reports and alerts that keep you in the know, and export data for further analysis.

Leverage your data

Use business-building tools like SalesB uilder loyalty programs and suggestive selling to increase ticket averages and create loyal customers. Answer questions like, “How’s my new cauliflower crust doing” and “Are any employees using an excessive amount of coupons?”” - and use the answers to decrease costs and increase profits!

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