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Offer Your Customers the POS Built for Pizza & Delivery.

Start selling Thrive today. Designed to meet the unique needs of your most niche restaurant customers.

Rep the #1 Pizza & Delivery POS

Tired of losing pizza and delivery restaurant sales because generic POS offerings don't meet their unique needs? Offer Thrive and start dominating niche restaurant sales today.

Boston North


In addition to elite point-of-sale offerings, Boston North offers a wide variety of business services that help restaurateurs save money, from Digital Menus and Signage, paper products and printer ribbon, all the way to ATM sales and service.

Learn more at https://www.bostonnorthcompany.com/.

Integrated Solutions Inc.


Integrated Solutions, Inc. currently offers Thrive Point-of-Sale, and has sold DiamondTouch Point-of-Sale for years.

In addition to their elite POS offerings, Integrated Solutions offers a large array of Video Camera Systems, Telephone Systems, Digital Video Displays or Menu Boards, Web Services including Design, Hosting, Marketing and Online Ordering.

Located just minutes from the Pittsburgh International Airport, Integrated Solutions, Inc. has been serving the Tri-State area and beyond since 1983.

Learn more at http://isidt.com/.

Want to join our team of elite dealers?

We are excited to continue expanding our niche Pizza and Delivery POS offering to restaurants across the country by partnering with the best POS dealers in the industry. If you would like to be part of our dealer network, get in touch and let’s have a chat!

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