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The Best Slice in Town

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Work on Your Business, Not in It

You’ve built a pizza enterprise and you’re ready to conquer the market one pie at a time, but managing multiple locations can be challenging. When you’ve got restaurants scattered around the city - or around the state, you need technology you can rely on to keep operations running smoothly, with tools that allow you to work on your business, not in it.

  • Point of sale that’s modern and flexible, designed with the special needs of delivery restaurants and pizzerias in mind.
  • Online + mobile ordering customized to your brand (and your unique menu)
  • Loyalty marketing that rewards customers new and old with every pie
  • Detailed reports, store comparisons, and manager alerts give you the power to run your business effectively, even when you aren’t there every day.
  • Access on the go with an easy web-based interface that won’t interfere with your store operations

Multiple Locations, Easily Managed 

With stores scattered around the city or state, your operation needs reliable technology that lets you manage your enterprise without interfering. Say goodbye to long hours and late nights at the store with a solution that meets your needs where you are.

  • Manage your business with robust reporting and store comparisons from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Check the dinner rush remotely or give your bookkeeper access to the numbers she needs with an easy web-based interface.
  • Make your brand stand out with gorgeous, easy online ordering that integrates with automated customer loyalty rewards & text or email marketing. You’ll look & act like one of the big guys!
  • Don’t let technology costs get in the way of growth! Affordable iPad solutions and monthly subscriptions mean you can outfit your chain with the best - for less.
Thrive Analytics

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Technology That Delivers, Dough to Doorstep

Delivery drivers driving you nuts? Take your technology on the road with sophisticated pizza delivery software.

  • Make driver check out a painless process with Thrive restaurant delivery software.
  • Get complete accountability and lots of ways to pay drivers (including Google-calculated mileage reimbursement and automatic tip credit wage while on the road).
  • Top-notch security and control over drops, runs, and who gets to take what delivery when.
  • You can even track expected coupons and compare performance with our extensive driver reports.

Looking for even more delivery data? Our driver mobile app, DR!VE, helps keep your drivers informed, tracks their location, and lets you know exactly when that delivery is made.

Made for Pizza Lovers

One large pepperoni, or a thin crust medium pepperoni. No matter how you say it, Thr!ve is built with the pizzerias in mind. We know the complex needs of a pizza restaurant go beyond your typical burger or sandwich joint.

  • Conversational Ordering means your employees can ring up orders the way your customers say them -- even complex pizza fractions are made as easy as pie.
  • Vivid graphics and an easy touch screen improve order accuracy and makes training a snap.Thr!ve has a flexible menu layout and easy order entry features to guide cashiers through accurate order taking
  • Crazy pizza pricing? No problem, we’ve seen just about every variation.
  • Thr!ve’s Smart Coupon feature ensures that the right deal is applied only when valid. Complex value deal rules and requirements keep your discounts on track.
  • Counting every slice? Keep accurate inventory with smart rules around topping counts that only a pizzeria could love.

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8 Challenges of Pizza POS

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“In order to maximize my business potential, I depend on Thrive POS. Thrive helps me streamline the entire process and keep costs down - I can reduce staff requirements because calls go faster, fewer mistakes are made, so I need fewer people - this all equals more sales and an increased bottom line.”




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Thrive’s suite of technology has a proven ROI to help you grow and manage your business more profitably. Our flexible subscription packages cover every budget and put you in control of the options that make sense for you. Just need the software? No problem. Looking for all the hardware, bells and whistles? We’ve got you covered, too. With options from Do-It-Yourself to White Glove service, our team builds a customized package that fits your needs.