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Partnering with Elite Technology Experts

At Thrive, we work tirelessly to bring you the latest and greatest technology - and that includes the integrations and partners we bring to the table.



Third-Party Ordering Integration Partner

Chowly takes third-party online ordering platforms such as UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates and integrates them directly into your point-of-sale system, saving your restaurant time and money.

Chowly's MenuMatch technology allows restaurants to easily manage their digital menus. This feature allows menu updates to be made in one place and published automatically to all of your third-party and direct channel online ordering apps easily. If your restaurant Is equipped with our POS Sync technology, menu changes can be pulled directly from your point-of-sale system and pushed out to all of your online platforms automatically.


Tip Payout Integration Partner

Instantly deposit tips into your employees' bank accounts the second their shift ends - 24/7/365.

Every restaurateur knows the truth: there has never been a "good" way to pay out tips and earnings at the end of a shift. From cash to pay cards to payroll distribution, each solution created more problems - until now.

With Kickfin, you'll tip out your entire team in 30 seconds - and it appears in their bank accounts instantly.  Give your employees financial freedom - and stop losing labor to other employers.

Learn more at kickfin.com.


Network Connectivity & Cloud Backup Partner

PizzaCloud has one primary business: Helping pizza restaurants lower their phone bills and increase sales through improved phone handling, new features, advanced reporting, and managed network services.


Preferred Payment Processing Partner

Leave the hassle behind - leave the payments to Worldpay.

In today’s busy world, you don’t have time to become a payments expert for your restaurant – you need a payments partner who understands your business. Our integrated restaurant solutions serve up simple, steady performance.

DoorDash Drive

Delivery Integration Partner

Stop worrying about supply. Focus on creating demand.

Request a driver anytime, track orders, streamline delivery costs, and drive incremental orders.  Delivery has never been this easy!

  • Perfectly match supply and demand by tapping into a fleet of Dashers on an
    "as-needed basis"
  • Reduce overall management costs by eliminating scheduling, vehicle maintenance, driver idle time, etc.
  • Free up managers to focus on selling & creating demand instead of figuring out supply & logistics
  • Ultimate control over Dasher fleet through real-time rating systems to "blacklist" & "prefer" Dashers

Integrated API & online portal for seamless data transfer and control over deliveries.

Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Reseller Partner

Integrated Solutions, Inc. currently offers Thrive Point-of-Sale, and has sold DiamondTouch Point-of-Sale for years.

In addition to their elite POS offerings, Integrated Solutions offers a large array of Video Camera Systems, Telephone Systems, Digital Video Displays or Menu Boards, Web Services including Design, Hosting, Marketing and Online Ordering.

Located just minutes from the Pittsburgh International Airport, Integrated Solutions, Inc. has been serving the Tri-State area and beyond since 1983.

Learn more at http://isidt.com/.

QSR Online

Reporting & Analytics Integration Partner

QSROnline is a complete restaurant back-office software solution built to simplify business processes and increase profits.

Boston North


In addition to elite point-of-sale offerings, Boston North offers a wide variety of business services that help restaurateurs save money, from Digital Menus and Signage, paper products and printer ribbon, all the way to ATM sales and service.

Learn more at https://www.bostonnorthcompany.com/.

Want to join our team of elite partners?

We are constantly on the lookout for new POS technology integration pioneers. If you would like to be part of our partner team, get in touch and let’s have a chat!

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